MOD Dots No. 4 in Textured Aluminum

MOD Dots No. 4 in Textured Aluminum

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Mod Dots 4 aluminum wall sculpture

It has 1/2" wall spacers so that it appears to be floating in front of the wall. It creates wonderful cast shadows that will vary in depth and intensity depending on the lighting. It is approximately 46" X 23". 

Made in 1/8" thick aluminum.

Texture created with and angle grinder. Every piece is unique.

All mounting hardware and wall spacers are included.

This ships in 7-10 business days for 1-2 panels, 2-3 weeks for 3 or more.

© 2016 Moda Industria | Bloomington, IN

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"LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV my MOD Dots No. 4!!!!!!!! Dozens & dozens & dozens of stars for swift, efficient, direct and swiftness to get this piece to us, across county, in time for our new home open-house! 

Truly stellar. Just like the photo only gloriously better. What a packing job: WoWzA. This beauty could have gone to the moon and arrived safe and sound. The chocolate is just the human touch. What a sweetie! 

Thank you! TY! Thank you! TY! Thank you!"