CUSTOM Mission Style House 5 Numbers in Rusted Steel

CUSTOM Mission Style House 5 Numbers in Rusted Steel

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Arts and Craft Style / Mission Style hand-rusted steel house numbers

26" x10"  in 16 ga rusted steel

This is a Natural Finish! Each piece is rusted with our recipe of special ingredients and sealed. Since we are accelerating what naturally happens to weather exposed steel, the initial rusting done in our shop is delicate and a clear sealer is applied to protect it. Flaking can occur exposing the raw steel beneath—once the sign or mailbox is installed outside the steel will continue to rust and the surface will continue to change over the years as the metal is exposed to the elements. The piece can leave a rusty residue if exposed to rain. No two pieces rust alike--every one is unique.  If you do not want a sign that will continue to age and rust please consider artwork in aluminum or stainless steel.

Add a stainless steel backplate for added contrast.


Stainless steel hardware included.

Size of type will vary slightly depending on the quantity of digits.

This ships in 7-10 business days. 

© 2016 Moda Industria | Bloomington, IN


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"Great job of packaging. Appreciate it. Lovely piece. Thank you."

"Expertly packaged and exquisitely executed!" Dawn H.